DJ Simon Bridgefoot


My name is Simon Bridgefoot and I’m grateful to be DJing events all over Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. I love what I do and who I get to connect with when I do it.

In addition to DJing countless weddings and parties, I have worked alongside Fieldhouse Brewing Co, Lululemon, Oldhand Coffee, Spruce Collective, The Habit Project, Montrose & George, Highstreet, Cliff Prang, Local DJ, CityLife Church, Lafarge, and Remax.

I tend to DJ events with a thoughtfully curated vibe, where the details matter and an infectious sense of celebration is the goal.  I do well when I’m asked to provide a warm, positive, on-trend soundtrack to a high-end event. But I absolutely excel when I’m asked to fill a dance floor with happy, liberated people of all ages.


Advantages of Working With Me?

Guaranteed Dance Party

Nervous your guests won’t get into it? Don’t be. It takes a special kind of nerd to study and perfect the science of getting bodies onto a dance floor—and keeping them there—and I am that nerd. Many people have told me that parties I’ve DJ’ed have been some of the best, most fun nights of their lives.

Audio-Visual One Stop Shop

I can provide a full, customized audio-visual set up and tear down for your event. I can run sound, set up lights, do live mixing, and basically ensure the audio-visual component of your event causes you no stress at all.

Empathy and Precision

These are the core values that guide my work. I practice empathy with my clients and their guests through attentive listening and intuitive service. I often know what people need instinctively and when I don’t, I ask and listen carefully. I practice precision in all aspects of my business, from communicating a plan to executing a flawless song transition to adjusting the EQ on a sound system.



Sharalee Prang, Photographer

"Simon Bridgefoot is my favourite DJ...and I've been to a lot of weddings."

Ashley Duret, Fieldhouse Brewing Co

"We always say, no one can start a dance party like Simon! Whether it's a dance party you're after, or just some mellow vibes, Simon always reads the room like a pro, and keeps the vibes on point."

Jordan Fast, Wedding Client

"Our wedding was made a total success by our choosing Simon Bridgefoot as our DJ. We first held a meeting to personally connect and come up with ideas for genres and styles. Needless to say this professionalism and genuine care is exactly what you need for your wedding day. The dance floor was in full swing all night thanks to Simon, with our guests constantly singing his praises. It was surely made an amazing evening by making the right choice with Simon Bridgefoot as our DJ."


"CIVL's inaugural gala fundraiser wouldn't have been the success it was without the sounds of Simon Bridgefoot keeping the dance floor alive with sleek, boutique and danceable music to remind everyone that we may be dressed up, but that it doesn't mean we have to be stuffy. Simon has a keen flavour in selecting and mixing a live set, drawing on his experience as a musician to play tunes that makes everyone move whether they recognize them or not."


“This DJ is pure fire.”


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Complete Wedding DJ

This package ensures that I am responsible for all audio-visual aspects of your wedding.

With “Complete Wedding”, you get:

  • In-person chats to determine your wedding’s vibe & song selection

  • A customized sound system and lights package

  • Full audio-visual set up & tear down

  • Audio-visual management during your ceremony and reception

  • Dance party DJing for as long as your event permits and guests want to celebrate

*factors like location & event size influence pricing.


Basic Wedding DJ

This package is a stripped down version of “Complete Wedding” if you’d prefer I mostly focus on DJ’ing.

With “Basic Wedding”, you get: 

  • In-person chats to determine your wedding’s vibe & song selection

  • A customized sound system & lights package

  • Full audio-visual set up & tear down

  • Dance party DJing for as long as your event permits and guests want to celebrate

*Factors like location & EVent Size Influence pricing.


Special Event DJ

This package is for businesses and individuals throwing events such as product launches, openings, conferences, or parties.

With “Special Event”, you get:

  • A customized sound system & lights package, if you need it

  • Full audio-visual set up & tear down, if you need it

  • Music meticulously curated for your event, played with stylish transitions & a feel for your guests, customers, or participants

*Factors like Location & Event Size Influence Pricing.



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Step one

We chat


Step Two

We stay in touch


Step three

We meet


Step four

We celebrate

We talk about your event. I get the details and prepare a quote. I can also prepare a contract if that’s helpful.


You let me know if anything on your end changes. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking about perfect playlists.


For weddings, an in-person meeting about a month before the event is helpful. Because weddings are meaningful and unrepeatable occasions, I want us to be connected and working together. At this meeting, we discuss what music is important to you and your guests, and what the overall feel of the day should be.


Depending on what the scope of my work is (see Packages, above, for more information), I’ll be showing up at a predetermined time to set up your A/V, test your A/V, or simply get the party started.